Fading Ads
Fading Ads
Here in the 21st century, exposure to advertising of different types is simply a part of life. In fact, we see and absorb so much advertising across so many different formats over the course of a single day, that it’s become a part of the scenery. However, there are benefits to slowing down a bit and taking a closer look at advertising as a concept.
Advertising is an important part of our commercial and social history. The way it’s changed and evolved over the years mirrors the ways our society, values, and tastes have changed as well. History Press’s Fading Ads series treats readers to a closer look at this phenomenon and the role of advertising in American regional history.

Exploring the Ads of Yesteryear
Faded historic advertising artifacts can be found in most cities and towns across America. Most people don’t notice them over the course of an average day. However, these artifacts serve as tangible reminders of how American consumerism, neighborhoods, and industries have changed over the years.
Fading Ads is a collection of local stories, vintage imagery, and fascinating anecdotes from a wide range of American regions and towns. Explore the rich evolution of iconic New York City with stunning captures of billboards and other ads around the city. Discover the faded beauty of aging ads from Birmingham, St. Louis, and Philadelphia, as well. It’s a must for any lover of American cultural history and photography!
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