Forgotten Tales
Forgotten Tales
It goes without saying that American history is an expansive field of study. That said, it’s all too easy to get caught up in the study of iconic events that make headlines and fill more generalized history textbooks at the expense of everything else. Regional interest literature can introduce you to lesser known gems that tend to get lost in the shuffle.
These gems include but are not limited to local legends, amazing sightings, and quirky incidents that have contributed to the local flavor of communities from all across the nation. The Forgotten Tales series from History Press treats you to a fresh look at American history and local lore, one region at a time.

Explore Rich and Entertaining Tales throughout American History
If you’re a history lover with a taste for colorful legends, fantastic tales, and little known informational tidbits, then Forgotten Tales is for you. Delight in true stories from cities, states, and communities across the country, as remembered by lifelong residents.
Get to know New York on an entirely new level with colorful (but true) tales from a seasoned local storyteller. Delight in funny and amusing tales from Kansas City, Philadelphia, Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, Massachusetts, and more. Each volume is packed with tales you were never told in history class, as well as delightful hand-drawn maps and illustrations.
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