Hidden History
Hidden History
It would be the understatement of the century to say that American history is an expansive and very complicated field of study, on the whole. The big headlines and world famous events covered by any comprehensive American history textbook are only part of the equation. There are thousands of noteworthy regional stories, events, and occurrences that are too often overlooked.
History Press’s Hidden History series treats history lovers to a closer look at some of the lesser known events and stories all too often overshadowed by the bigger headlines. Start exploring the nooks and crannies of America’s rich history, one city, town, and neighborhood at a time.

A Fresh Look at Regional American History
With Hidden History in your corner, you can discover the little known backstories of hundreds of American communities, industries, and people across every era. Find out more about your own hometown and favorite regions, or dig deeper into history as it relates to a niche topic of your choice.
Be introduced to overlooked characters that made local headlines in areas like Wabash County, Lincoln Park, Augusta, and Ridgefield. Take the road less traveled when it comes to Connecticut Civil War history, Mark Twain country, and Los Angeles transportation history. Enjoy colorful local tales, gorgeous collections of vintage photography, closer looks at local media, and much more. Hidden History is a varied and personal look at American history as you’ve never imagined it before.
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