Historic Canada
Historic Canada
If you’re an American history buff, then it’s probably safe to say you know more than your share when it comes to the backstory of the United States. Now it’s time to explore the equally rich history of our neighbor to the north, Canada. Canadian regional history is your ticket into an entirely new world filled with memorable innovators, charming small towns, amazing stories, and compelling local lore.

Arcadia Publishing is proud to present Historic Canada, a comprehensive collection of fascinating lenses into communities, towns, people, and events from Canadian regional history. Discover the unique beauty of one the world’s most beautiful countries, with poignant images, local interest stories, insider information, and more.

An Intimate Look at Beautiful Canada
As is the case with American history, more generalized history books will paint only the broadest of pictures when it comes to Canadian history. Regional interest books like the incredible volumes included in Historic Canada are your ticket to a more intimate, in-depth understanding of this incredible country and its people.
Indulge in a little armchair travel to Saint John’s North End for a fascinating look at more than 200 beautiful images from 1864-1975. Get to know the residents of fascinating locations like Campobello Island, Stratford, St. George, Chatham, and many more. Explore every nook and cranny of Canada from a local’s perspective!

Arcadia Publishing Knows Regional History
If you truly want to get to know a given country or people, it’s imperative that you listen to the heartbeats of its small towns and individual regions. Arcadia Publishing is home to thousands of groundbreaking volumes and innovative series that seek to help readers and history enthusiasts do exactly that. Get to know your own hometown in stunning new detail, or discover new places to love that may be as far away as Canada. With Arcadia in your corner, the sky’s the limit!
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