History & Guide
History & Guide
Whether you’re relocating permanently or simply planning a temporary visit to a brand new place, it pays to be prepared. The more you know about what to expect from a given area, the more you’ll get out of your experiences there. Travel guides can be an immense help, but it goes without saying that not all guides are created equally.
History Press’s History & Guide series is a collection of uniquely comprehensive volumes that help readers become intimately acquainted with new regions on multiple levels. Practical information combines with fascinating tidbits for a unique learning experience.

Get More Out of Your Travel Experiences
There’s traveling … and then there’s traveling as a history buff. When you’re into history, you just can’t picture visiting someplace new without knowing a bit of the area’s history beforehand. Naturally, you want to make sure you hit all of the most noteworthy points of interest as well, not just the standard stops that any tourist would be into.
Each volume in the History & Guide series tells history lovers all they need to know about a different American city, town, or community. Successfully navigate your way around the Big Apple with a comprehensive guide to historic New York City, and then dig deeper into famed neighborhoods like SoHo or the West Village, with dedicated volumes on each. Successfully explore historic Plymouth, Cajun Country, and many more fantastic U.S. destinations with local interest stories, little known travel tips, and more.
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