Images of Modern America
Images of Modern America
When many people think of American history, they automatically tend to think of the distant past. They picture George Washington crossing the Delaware, the Revolutionary War, or the frontier days of the West. However, it’s important to realize that history encompasses the modern age as well.

Arcadia Publishing’s Images of Modern America series is uniquely dedicated to the wonders of recent history. Explore all aspects of the modern age, starting with the 1950s, via a beautiful collection of volumes filled with expertly penned content and stunning full-color images.

Modern American History as You’ve Never Seen It Before
You may have lived through some or all of the eras covered by Images of Modern America, but we guarantee that doesn’t mean you know all there is to know about them. Each installment of this groundbreaking regional interest series treats you to an intimate look at a different slice of modern history as it unfolds all around us.
Explore the rich backstories behind industries and names you’ve known and loved your entire life – names like Pan American World Airways. Take a fascinating journey into the local histories of towns like Hudson, Williamsport, and Santa Fe. Absorb little known tidbits, local stories, and amazing high-definition photographs of Little League through the ages. Even take a closer look at the hometown you only think you know everything about!
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