Historic landmarks are so much more than must-see destination points when you’re visiting a given city. They’re poignant reminders of important events, concepts, and people that are inseparable parts of that location’s unique history. They’re incredible architectural and/or artistic works in their own rights, as well.
However, while many people are aware of the existence and importance of certain American landmarks, not everyone is fully up to speed on the richness of their history. The Landmarks series from History Press is your ticket to a whole new understanding of our great nation’s most important local and national sites.

Get to Know American Landmarks in Stunning Detail
Landmarks make up a topic that is much covered by many travel guides. However, most only dig just so deeply into the detailed histories of the works in question. Each volume from the Landmarks series seeks to introduce the reader to a different site or iconic work on an intimate new level – an absolute must for architecture lovers, history buffs, and travel enthusiasts alike.
Take a closer look at Birmingham’s most important landmarks, up to and including Rickwood Field and the Carver Theater. Explore the riveting backstories of memorable gunfight sites via the history of the Texas Rangers. Discover St. Paul’s rich and fascinating connection to historic barbershops and barber poles. Dig deeper into landmarks and cultural traditions attached to New Orleans, New York City, and more.
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