Legendary Locals
Legendary Locals
It goes without saying that American history is full of heroes. However, it’s important to note that the term “historic hero” applies to more than just the undisputed greats like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King. Show us an American town, city, or neighborhood, and we’ll show you an entirely new group of legends to love.

Arcadia Publishing is proud and pleased to present Legendary Locals, a wonderfully intimate series of spotlights on local groups of heroes across the country. Explore inspiring personal stories, expansive collections of beautiful photography, and more.

Get to Know America’s Legends One Town at a Time
Everyone grows up hearing about legendary locals from their hometown. Maybe yours spawned a famous author, movie star, or politician. Other citizens may have stayed local, but contributed to the community in a significant way that everyone is grateful for. Legendary Locals was designed to shine much deserved spotlights on local heroes of all kinds from towns and cities all over the nation.

Get to know the history of beautiful Fillmore, a California town that’s not only survived a major earthquake, but which has been the site of several Hollywood film shoots. Indulge in some armchair travel to Asbury Park, hometown of such legends as Stephen Crane and Bruce Springsteen. Discover an entirely new side of Savannah when you read about the many colorful characters who have called it home over the years. Reintroduce yourself to American history one fascinating volume and town at a time!
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