American history is about so much more than the standard list of events, names, and dates you’ll find in any history book. There is just as much that’s been lost to time over the years, but which is still well worth knowing. Many history buffs and culture lovers take a special delight in discovering and exploring such gems for themselves.
If that sounds like you, then History Press’s Lost series is the reading experience you’ve been waiting for. Each volume explores a different event, person, place, or occurrence that has either been lost to time altogether, or transformed by progress as time rolled on.

Honoring and Exploring Lost History
The idea of the past is a romantic one, for many of us, and with good reason. It’s only natural to wonder how one’s modern life differs from the lives of people from long ago. It’s also a fascinating process to uncover information and other tidbits that provide such valuable insight.
With Lost, you can explore everything from devastated Southern plantations, to scenes from ships that have long been retired, to now-ruined skyscrapers as they appeared in their prime. Travel back in time to the frontier days when you explore the lost history of Bozeman, Montana. Find out what the seven wonders of Cleveland looked like during their heyday. Even explore an entirely new side of your own hometown. Gorgeous vintage photographs combine with compelling stories of yesteryear to bring you a nostalgic experience like no other.
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