War is a heavy concept, historically speaking. It’s something that shines a spotlight on what communities and nations are really made of, as it brings out both the best and the worst in people. It’s also impossible to be a serious history connoisseur without devoting a fair amount of time to the study of not only war, but various concepts related to the military.
History Press’s Military series is your ticket to a new level of understanding when it comes to regional American history as it relates to war. Explore the many ways various wars have influenced people, cities, states, and communities from all over the nation.

Discovering the True Significance of War and Its Effects
Most standard books on American history will cover the bigger picture when it comes to how different wars have affected us as a nation. However, it’s just as important to explore those same effects on a local or regional level. Each volume in the Military series treats the reader to an intimate look at a different piece of the puzzle.
Learn how the War of 1812 affected residents of historic rural Pittsylvania. Explore the fascinating backstories of New Jersey women during World War II. Even get to know notable individuals like Major Philip M. Ulmer, a Revolutionary War hero that everyone should know all about. Dig deeper into military history as it relates to any location in the United States. Enlightenment awaits!
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