Murder & Mayhem
Murder & Mayhem
It goes without saying that crime is a horrible thing. However, it’s nevertheless a fascinating topic of study, as well as an important part of history. Studying the history of murder and other forms of violence in America leads to important insights about what makes people tick and what really happens to a society when it’s been touched by crime in significant ways.
History Press’s Murder & Mayhem series treats readers to intimate looks at violent crimes that affected a given neighborhood, city, area, or social group at some point in American history. Explore little known cases, as well as the effects major events had on individual communities across the country.

Explore an Entirely New Side of Regional American History
To gain a true understanding of the impact violent crime has on large scale societies, you need to study how it affects smaller communities and social groups as well. Murder &Mayhem presents serious criminology enthusiasts and history buffs with a golden opportunity to do exactly that.
Uncover the hidden past of quiet, conservative Sheboygan with a volume of largely forgotten tales of crimes, lost ships, and more. Explore a collection of fascinating or forgotten criminal cases through the ages in major American cities like Memphis, Houston, and Charleston. Even discover little known crimes related to railroads throughout each era in American history.
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