Natural History
Natural History
Politics, war, and boundaries are only part of the equation when it comes to American history. The beautiful land we live on is just as much a part of our story as anything we’ve built on it over the years. That said, a detour into regional natural history should be a part of any history buff’s personal studies.
History Press’s Natural History series is the in-depth introduction to regional natural history that’s been missing in your life. Explore informative collections of regional essays, personal observations from experts, gorgeous photography, and much more.

Discovering the Connection between Man and Nature
Many people assume that natural history is something separate and apart from human history, when actually the opposite is so. Not only is the study of natural history a fascinating pastime in and of itself, but it helps provide the necessary framework for the larger human story, as you’ll discover once you begin to explore Natural History.
Find out firsthand why McKittrick Canyon is considered by many to be the most beautiful spot in all of Texas. Explore the connection between honeybees and humanity with a spirited collection of historical essays and stories. Experience an entirely new look at Catalina Island with a closer look at its unique ecosystem. Learn more about your favorite natural areas or discover completely new ones to love. It’s all right here waiting to be discovered with Natural History.
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