Whether you’re into the teamwork of football, the fast-paced action of hockey, or the intense concentration involved in golf, sports are a big part of how millions of Americans spend their free time. Sports bring people together and give them something special to root for and believe in. However, it’s important to realize that sports are also an important part of American history, especially on a regional level.
History Press’s Sports series introduces sports fans and history lovers alike to an intimate look at the role of sports when it comes to the larger picture. Treat yourself to in-depth looks at important moments, ground-breaking matches, unforgettable players, and more.

Rediscover New Sides of Your Favorite Sports
Each volume in the Sports series provides a fascinating look into a different aspect of regional sports history. Learn more about the history of all your favorites, including but not limited to golf, football, basketball, horse racing, and even fox hunting.
Explore the backstories of local treasures like the San Jose Earthquakes, one of soccer’s most memorable teams. Dig deeper into the sporting roots of major cities like Nashville and Palm Springs. Get to know regional legends, like baseball great Ross Youngs, as well. View exciting collections of rare vintage photographs, delight in amazing personal stories, and discover the rich connections between your favorite games and the great American story.
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