Then and Now
Then and Now
If the study of American history can be said to have one primary purpose, it’s the opportunity to learn by comparison. By looking at where we were and comparing it to where we are, we can better figure out where we’re going as a society. History helps us avoid repeating past mistakes, while also helping us to build on past triumphs.

What’s more, studying history is just plain enriching on a personal level. However, it’s vitally important that we make sure regional and local history is part of the equation. Arcadia Publishing’s Then and Now series treats history buffs and bookworms to fascinatingly fresh looks at the past and present of towns and cities across the nation.

Look at How Our Favorite Places Have Grown!
Have you ever wondered what your hometown or favorite city looked like a century ago? Who lived there? What did they do for fun? How did they earn their livings, and what did they dream about? Which familiar buildings, businesses, and landmarks existed back then, and which are brand new?

Then and Now can answer all of those questions, and more, with rich local interest stories and beautiful vintage photography matched with corresponding contemporary shots of the same areas. Discover the changing faces of towns like Watertown, Bay City, Santa Cruz, Flushing, and more. Explore little known corners of our great nation with fascinating looks back at both the distant and recent past, side by side.

Explore Brand New Vistas with Arcadia
Then and Now is just one of the phenomenal series that are part of Arcadia Publishing’s expansive catalog of timeless regional interest literature. Browse thousands of unique volumes on neighborhoods, local heroes, folktales, and regional ethnic groups. Enjoy breathtaking photography paired with fascinating accounts only a local expert could pen. It’s all right here waiting for you when you explore regional history with Arcadia today!
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