True Crime
True Crime
If you’ve ever found yourself sucked into an accidental all-day Forensic Files marathon, then you already have a pretty good idea of how fascinating it can be to take a deeper look into true crime. Studying true crime gives us insight into not only how the human mind operates, but also the inner workings of the criminal justice system.
The American approach to true crime has a place in American history, as well, especially on a regional level. History Press’s True Crime series treats readers, history buffs, and armchair criminal investigators alike to intimate new looks at crime in America throughout the ages.

Investigate American Crime from Exciting New Angles
If you’ve always secretly wished you could be a fly on the wall in an American courtroom during a historic trial or get an inside look into how crimes have been solved through history, True Crime is for you. Each volume offers readers an intimate look at a different slice of American criminal history.
Get inside the mind of the infamous Alfred Knapp, also known as Southwest Ohio’s first celebrity serial killer. Explore Galveston Maceo’s criminal empire, including his forays into early 20th century bootlegging. Learn more about how both famous and lesser known regional crimes were committed, discovered, and prosecuted during the Jazz Age. It’s all right here waiting to be discovered at History Press!
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