Five Cookbooks to Win Over Your Thanksgiving Guests

Thanksgiving is a week away! I'm sure you've already ordered your turkey and have your menu planned, but for those of you who don't yet know what you're going to cook for a house full of people (or even if you just have to bring a side to dinner at the in-laws), here are five cookbooks with recipes that will wow any family member.

1. Les Dames d'Escoffier New York Cookbook by Silvia Baldini and Sharon Franke 

Thanksgiving Cookbooks

Listed as one of the best cookbooks by Saveur Magazine, this cookbook  showcases seventy-six family recipes and pairings by Pascaline Lepeltier, MOF, and including a dedication by Lidia Bastianich to LDNY founder Carol Brock and a foreword by Carla Hall.


2. Lord Honey by Chef Jason Smith

Thanksgiving cookbook

These recipes will have you recipes that will have you digging out the cast-iron skillet and running to the store for some butter. Complete with colorful descriptions, accessible ingredients, simple directions, and helpful tips, this book will teach you everything you need to know about cooking with love. 


3. Southern Breads by Marilyn Markel and Chris Holaday

Thanksgiving cookbooks

Aside from being a staple on every table in the South, these breads and their recipes detail the storied history of the region. 


4. Florida Cracker Cookbook by Joy Sheffield Harris

thanksgiving cookbook

As we follow the path laid out by gastronomic pioneers, this culinary quest, guided by sixth-generation Cracker Joy Sheffield Harris, will whet your appetite with recipes and sumptuous reflections. 


5. Southern Harvest Cookbook by Cathy Clearly

thanksgiving cookbook

The southern garden produces delights in all four seasons, from asparagus to tomatoes, apples to collard greens. Make use of the bounty of your garden or farmers' market with new twists on familiar favorites.